Meandering me – Newport

To kick off my posts about places I’ve visited, I thought I’d start with the ever famous Newport!

Last weekend I spent some time taking in the sights of Newport and let me tell you, it never disappoints. Personally, I recommend spending less time on Bowen’s Wharf and more time, well, everywhere else. I highly recommend the following 4 places:

1. Ocean avenue– you’re all probably thinking, “uhhh that’s a road, not a place,” and I totally realize this, but Ocean Ave has some of the best views of the ocean and some gorgeous houses. It’s a fun road to think about your dream house 💭 Also, it leads you to the other gems.


2. Cliff Walk– cliche, I know, but honestly everyone needs to do it.  It’s fun to read some of the poetry that’s placed along the way, and if you’re feeling inclined, add some of your own! I mean, what’s better than a walk with the ocean on one side and historic mansions on the other??


3. Castle Hill Inn– this place is magical. Really, it is. Think hydrangeas in full bloom, sail boats gliding by, a salty breeze, a cool drink, and adirondak chairs. Yup. To be fair though, it is pricey for food and drinks…BUT, I went and explored the beautiful grounds without spending a penny and I could have spent hours there. If I had all the money in the world, I would get married there in a heartbeat.


4. Brenton Point State Park– Dels and kites!! This area is perfect for a picnic, a laid back day with the fam and friends, and it offers a big open area to play some games (soccer, bocce, spike ball, etc), also don’t forget to bring your dog! If you end up there on a whim and want to fly a kite, no worries! They have a truck that sells kites there, which is pretty neat if you ask me. If it’s hot, cool down with a RI classic, Dels (frozen lemonade for anyone who’s not familiar, and it’s just as refreshing as it sounds). Also, there’s a cool abandoned building in the woods, which was a part of a mansion, known as “The Reefs.” It has a history that dates back to about 1876!


I’m sure there’s a ton of other amazing places throughout Newport, but these will definitely make for a great start! And if any of you know of any other beautiful places in Newport, I would LOVE to hear them, so please let me know! 💜



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